Review in "Ward Report", April 28, 1986.

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Whispering Lion. "Love Posse"/"Rock Steady."

Opening with a stacatto synth line, cowbells, bass beat, and horn hits, "Love Posse" has a hook that fills the floor. Although the track sounds like a speedy spaghetti western meets disco funk, it's a great number to play around Evelyn "Champagne" King's "High Horse." Zinna Ann Escovedo (that's right, Sheila E.'s little sister) along with Bonnie Boyer sing the chorus, "Where is the tenderness?" revealing the key to this contemporary club life saga. If your crowd enjoyed Magazine 60's "Don Quichotte," they'll love this little riff. But wait, there's "Rock Steady," the hip-hop version of Superman (alias vocalist Michael Zeitsoff) asking Lois (rapped by Sweet Gina Sierra) for a dance. "You ain't got a prayer," she replies. They get into a phone booth and "turn it out." Strains of Egyptian Lover's "Egypt Egypt," along with a "Members Only" jacket zipper scratching some funky sounds undercut a Lisa Lisa "Take Me To The Phone Booth" rap. And if you're hardcore, try the rock mix (sans rap); it's Motley Cru meets hip-hop. Much credit is due Michael Zeitsoff who independently wrote, produced, and is distributing copies of this record. This is no whispering lion, it's a great roar.