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© 2005 Michael Zeitsoff/Whispering Lion.
C-Am +2 (D).

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(Can you tell me) who dat who dat who dat girl, who dat
who dat who dat who dat girl (gonna find her) who dat who dat girl

One fine day I'm driving through the neighborhood
Sun is shining Im feeling very good
I saw a young lady walking slowly cross the street
she gave me the smile and she gave me a wink, and I wonder

Who dat Girl.....

I say mmm excuse me can I give you a ride?
I got my Reggae music thumping, bumping step on inside hey
She said ooh Id love to but I really gotta go ( uh uh got to go)
she smiled at me and walked away on down the road

Who dat Girl.....

See, I think about her every night and every day
Cant get the girl out of my mind
I think about her, think about her, night and day
I think about her all the time

Im driving through my neighborhood driving
My Reggae music bumping thumping
Now Im driving through the neighborhood
My Reggae music thumping bumping

Who dat Girl.....

Got to finally find that special lady ( going to find her)
got to find that special lady (I m going to find her)
fbs you know you dat girl, you know dat, you dat girl,
so if you walking down the street and you see that young lady you better
get her name and her number her cell phone her email
you better find out where she live you better find out who she go around with

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