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© 2005 Michael Zeitsoff/Whispering Lion.
C-Am 3x/Dm-G (Verse/Cho)/E-Am 3x/F-G (Bridge).

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My opportunities must be taken
my faith cannot be shaken
I got no time to be faking
I aint playing, all that I'm saying
I got to leave my joking far behind me
I can't let confusion come and blind me
my good friends gonna stand right beside me
Good fortune finally come and find me, I say

Thank You for each day I am given
Thank You for showing me the way
Thank You for the guidance and the wisdom, oh you bring to me
Thank You for the sunshine, Thank You for the rain

Another day is slowly fading
another night has begun
tomorrow is ready tomorrow is waiting
I know tomorrow tomorrow gonna come
I know Ive got to be patient
I know I got to take my time
I paid my dues, that's the truth
Now its time to get what is mine, and I say

Thank You.....

We got to praise the true believers
We gotta pray for those who are lost
Forgive the ones who would deceive us
we will never give up, no matter what the cost

My opportunities must be taken.....

Thank You...

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