Reviews of the Whispering Lion
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ITALY: "TOP 20 ALBUMS FOR February and March 2006; "Under Pressure" -DJ GUSMA-T; 'REAL REVOLUTION" #12, resp. #8!; link

AUSTRIA: "Ackee and Saltfish" ; Orange 94, Wien AUSTRIA; Roots Edition; "FEATURED ALBUM-"REAL REVOLUTION"; Songs-"Real Revolution", "Sweet Salvation", and in addition to that also songs from the previous album TRIBUTE TO THE SPIRIT; link
Further, at least 10 tracks from REAL REVOLUTION have been played on JahRadio.

"Every track and dub essential to the max..."
"What a great record Star! "The REAL REVOLUTION is the real deal for what Marley called 'the real revolutionaries'. I am so freakin' impressed but it's no surprise since Whispering Lion has been delivering the goods to Midnight Dread for 20 years. This musical/lyrical bomb was built over many moons and it shows and glows like a Harvest-sized ghost-buster. Every track and dub essential to the max and the mix. Classic, progressive roots rock reggae sounds can never be denied. From 1984's "Don't Blame Your Pain On Me" to "Better Days" in 2005 it's all crucial me lion. It's made my short list of 'constantly on repeat play in my cd changer" discs at my website. Go deh."
DJ Doug Wendt at

"Crucial modern roots reggae!"
"The latest release from Whispering Lion- "Real Revolution"-is the best yet. Some tight musicianship rides beneath the conscious lyrics, most pertinent in these times. Tunes like "Better Days," "Bob, Peter, Bunny," "In This House," "Sweet Salvation," and the title track in particular will have your feet moving and your brain reasoning at the same time. This is roots music with heart behind it, from an artist who truly cares about what's happening in today's world. Nuff Respect!"
DJ Bahilmon, Roots Reggae

"An impassioned personalization of reggae with a California spin..."
"Traditional rhythms overlaid with screaming electric guitar and Lou Reed-like lead vocals that are anything but traditional for reggae mark Whispering Lion's Real Revolution (World of Rhythm), an impassioned personalization of reggae with a California spin. The arrangements are tight with sweet female backing vocals to offset Lion's roar, crisp horn sections intercut with layered guitar fills and Dylanesque lyrics. It all fits together nicely on cuts like "Find A Way", "Sweet Salvation", "Groove Again", and tribute "Bob, Peter, Bunny". Ten songs and five dubs that don't sound quite like anything else you've ever heard."
Chuck Foster, The Beat (magazine).

"...a true masterpiece!"
"Just heard the track "Real Revolution" on the radio ( and it is a true masterpiece! One of those rare songs which forced me to crank the volume up after 30 seconds, and then when I was actually told to do so by the singer...I had to max the volume out! Great work!"
Dan Strba, Switzerland

"...full of overwhelming positivity... "
"...full of overwhelming positivity that can't help but win you over at some point..." "...the catchy melodies and bouncy, horn-filled roots music draw you into their web... WL's style is actually a bit like a lot of African reggae I've heard, with its buoyant sound and I-Threes-like female backing..." Read the complete review at

"...important lyrics..."
" This is a great album. Nice singing, the important lyrics, and the real cool riddims and dubs."
DJ Tal Grubstein,

" Dylan playing reggae..."
"I love how the I sounds like Dylan playing reggae. JAH bless thanks."
DJ Ras Aaron.

" can feel it in each vibe of every track..."
"it's a real roots rocking music fi real man all tunes are seriously very well arranged, listening to it you can appreciate the real work done to build the songs coz you can feel it from the harmony, from the melody, from the chorus, from the lyrics, the stereophony, in each vibe of every track, BIG UP Whispering Lion, u done a good work."
DJ Gusmatti, "Under Pressure", TPN Radio, ITALY, CARIBBEAN VIBES Radio (USA)

"... what a fitting name for this soft-voiced singer outta California..."
"Whispering Lion - Real Revolution. Whispering Lion... what a fitting name for this soft-voiced singer outta California. Some excellent guitar-work on that album too. We actually had some people calling in asking 'who is that wicked guitar-player'?"
DJ Tom Kriz, Orange 94, Wien AUSTRIA