Music Heal The Weary Traveler Cover Art
Dub Judah Ralston
Aron and Dub Judah
Demondo at work
Demondo after gig

Cover Notes on "Music Heal the Weary Traveler"

"Music Heal the Weary Traveler" (released Nov. 10, 2009), is a collection of original songs recorded at World of Rhythm Recording studios, San Leandro, Ca. on a warm summer day in August 2007. Ralston Grant of the Twinkle brothers arranged the band, including Demondo (Derrick Fevrier) who engineered and recorded the trax live to a Mac G5, through a MOTU 828 with Barry Prince on drums, Dub Judah on bass, Aron Shamash on keyboards and Ralston Grant on rhythm guitar. We did one take per song, and I sang some rough vocals to guide us with the verses and choruses. A few days later, I redid the vocals making sure to follow the arrangements we had created earlier. Of course, I was always writing and rewriting my tunes, and I went back to LIVE FROM LOWER GUIDO listened to 40-50 tunes, some very rough, but all a faithful presentation of the message.  This became my project for 2 years, and so I put the "Music Heal" aside project aside;

After those 2 years, I rediscovered 'MUSIC HEAL THE WEARY TRAVELER"  and I can say that I am satisfied with the presentation.The voice sounds true, the beat vibrant and clean.  I am solid with the lyrics and arrangements as the ones I want to bring to the masses. I realized that we had captured a moment, and that momentbecame the song. I wanted to make the song the real thing and not the production,  I wanted the sound to be live and feel live and support the songriter not compete with the vocal - so the vocals and the trax that we had done 2 years earlier were already done. They each had a vibe and a presence, each voice in every song telling the story. I could add so much more - guitars, backing vocals, etc but the sparse presentation keeps the acoustic feel and let's the listener be drawn to the lyrics and the beat.

"Music Heal the Weary Traveler" also represents the first time I have consciously recorded one album with the same musicians and made that performance become the song, avoiding an excess of overdubs, backing vox, and that sort of thing.  As for the songs, the lyrics speak for themselves. 

Musicians on "Music Heal The Weary Traveler":

Demondo - engineer.

Whispering Lion - vocals.

Ralston Grant - rhythm guitar.

Barry Prince - drums.

Dub Judah - bass.

Aron Shamash - keyboard.

Words and music © Michael Zeitsoff 2009.

Cover photography: Lisa DuBois Photoart

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