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Whispering Lion at Caribbean Spice

Whispering LION came through Berkeley Saturday night, January 22, with a kickin' riddim and a powerful message. Caribbean Spice was the venue for this mini concert, which included very special guests Brimstone and Queen Lakeyia, as well as the debut of the East African Songbirds. Stand out Selector was DJ and emcee for the event.

The message of Whispering LION is reflected in the titles of his songs. "Lion, Lay Down with the Lamb" is a cry for peace and harmony between the haves and the have nots. The song began with a soulful chant from Whispering LION's internationally acclaimed backing vocalists, Soul Sistahs Bonnie Boyer and Zorina London. Another crowd favorite was "Better Days Straight Ahead." Whispering LION say, "there's a mountain rising up to the sky" The Soul Sistahs chant, "we can climb that mountain".

For the two final selections, the East African Songbirds, Senait, Lula, and Azeb Misgun, joined the group. "Trouble Stop Knocking on my Front Door" was introduced as a "tribute to the hungry and the homeless and the lonely people all over the world".

The set closed with "Up to Us," a conscious and positive message that is Whispering LION's trademark. "Who wants to live in a world of trouble, who wants to live in a world of pain, we've got to live in a world of love, we got the power, it's up to us, I know we can do it, it's up to us."

Providing the foundation and riddim to move people's feet and move their minds was the incredibly versatile and popular Rankin' Scroo on drums, the legendary master Hux Brown on riddim guitar, David Russ on bass, and Scott Hill on keyboards.

Whispering LION is as different and enjoyable live as he is on record. The riddims are tight, the message is right! Be sure to check Whispering LION and special guests at Ms. Pearl's Jam House, 601 Eddy St., SF, on Saturday, February 12. Call 510 / 530-4538 for records, tapes and upcoming shows. Be sure to check 521-5466