Review in "Rockpool 7th New Music Seminar Special Issue", Vol 6 Issue 13.

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Whispering Lion "Love Posse"/Rock Steady Party"

The Love Posse CD

"Love Posse" is a hookfilled midtempo groover with obvious references to Laid Back's "White Horse", but what makes this song great is an ambush break that features titilating stereo separation and a fun breakdown. "Rock Steady Party" is a much more basic boy-girl rap that is endearingly cute and quite appealing due to an abundance of interesting changes. The Rock Mix throws in some Billy Squire type chants which add to the fun. This is a guaranteed double a-side street hit. Rock on. (Contact: Whispering Lion Music, PO Box 20237, Oakland, CA, 94620; 510-346-5466. Philip Puckett
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