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© 2005 Michael Zeitsoff/Whispering Lion.
G-am +6 (C#)

Hear an MP3 sample of: Groove Again.

In the Groove Again, its a Love Groove
Me and you again, its a Love Groove
(We go oo oo again its a Love Groove
I love the way you move)

Hey hey Im lucky man yeah,
just Im doing the best I can
Yeah I got myself a little job
but I work too long I work too hard, oh baby

Monday my paycheck it go to the government
Tuesday my paycheck it go to the government
Wedbesday my paycheck go to pay the high rent
Thursday I wonder where all my money went
Friday another week is gone
Scatterday is crazy day we running around
Sunday day to heal smell the flowers make it real

In the Groove again.....

Yeah, my life good but life is tough
I dont know how to get through this stuff
my car is broke that aint no joke
I dont need no mess, I dont need I dont need no more stress

Monday my paycheck it go to the government......

In the Groove again.....

Well ya know, We gotta get back into the real thing
and this is the real thing baby. aint no part time deal, can you feel it

In the Groove again.....
(just sitting by the fire relaxing and relaxing and.....)

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