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© 2005 Michael Zeitsoff/Whispering Lion.
Dm-Am +3 (Fm).

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I was told there are many things money cant buy me
I was told my money cant buy me love, no
but, money buy my food money you know, money pay my rent, yeah
sometimes enough money is enough (sometimes enough money is enough)
I see the hungry people living on the street,
no place to go no food to eat
I want to look the other way, I dont want to see
that could be you it could be me,
(it could be you or me, I hope you see) we got to...

Find A Way Find A Way
thats better, we got to
Find A Way Find A Way

Listen, A friend of mine lost his job just the other day
I went by to see if there was something I could say
He couldnt pay his bills no more he had no place to live, I said
I thought you had a good job he said I did
I worked real hard, he said, but I still got fired
I need to get a job I need to get myself hired
If you got a lot of money, you wont understand, no
America aint no promised land
(it aint no promised land,----I hope you understand). we got to...

Find A Way.....

Life is very strange and very surprising
We shaking we baking we improvising
and even when it seem to you like the sun stopped shining
you got find that silver lining,
So tell me how we could be living in a country
so many people got so much money
and so many people they got nothing at all,
the rest of America headed to the mall
(headed straight to the mall, think theyre going get it all)

Find A Way.....
Find A Way way way way way/shoop shoop woop shoobie be doop

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