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Whispering Lion "Rock Steady Party"

Further proof that the Bay Area's got a funk thang to compete with those gritty industrial Eastern seaports. The Snapp crackles and pops (sorry) with an urban sound that's prime for parties and late night lovin'. Whispering Lion (AKA Michael Zeitsoff) is the closest thing to Berkeley Beat Box Heaven you're likely to find in this or any other century.

Both sides of Whispering Lion's latest EP are a serious departure from the reggae politicizing of the last release, "You Ain't Cool." In fact, there's not a smidgen of dub to be found anywhere. But who cares? The Party Mix of "Rock Steady Party" is the best local dance track of the year, polished hi-tech hip hop with state-of-the-art synthesizer rhythms. Vocalist Zeitsoff isn't trying to sound natty anymore, and his resulting raps sound truer. The Rock Mix of the tune is just that, the same beat stripped of the hi-tech sound and overloaded with screaming guitar stuff. "Love Posse" isn't quite as catchy, but still retains the hyper-charged beat that should enable Djs to keep things sweaty. Between this EP and "You Ain't Cool," it's hard to say where Whispering Lion will go next; buy "Rock Steady Party," and leave that matter in Zeitsoff's capable hands. (Whispering Lion Music, World of Rhythm, PO Box 4071, San Leandro, CA 94579, Ph: 510-346-5466/Ph: 510-346-LION FAX: 510-357-5763)

Michael Goldner

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